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Got a car question? Want to know what that smell is? What does that leaking fluid mean? What should I do if that breaks? How can I keep that from breaking?

We have answers!

This community is for car questions. Ask them here and we will be happy to try to help you out. Anyone is free to answer or chime in with personal views, experiences, or suggestions. We're a group that wants to help you make better informed decisions and, hopefully, help you fix something yourself and save money! Along the way, you'll learn too.

That being said, be aware that what works for one may not work for all. Take every piece of advice with a grain of "internet advice" salt.

Keep things civil. Abusive posts or comments will be removed. Repeatively abusive members will be banned. This community is for answering questions related to cars and while that can call for personal opinions, keep your agenda to yourself please.

Here's some starter information/FAQ:

> Dictionary of Automotive Terms
> How to ask a Question
> Oil Weight Basics
> Automatic Transmission Fliud Basics
> Who Owns Who in the automotive industry