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Stupid Epica [May. 24th, 2010|06:34 pm]
Car Help



I have a 2004 Chevrolet Epica that I have owned for two years. When I first got it I had to have my O2 sensors replaced... twice in the first two months. Last December I had a problem with, what I thought was the throttle body. I would go to accelerate - the rpms would go up and down and the gas peddle would feel like an elastic and not go anywhere. It got to the point where my car would just shut down. After the check engine light came on I brought it in to a dealership (since a smaller garage could not diagnose it, apparently it's the hardest chevy to diagnose since it's not actually a chevy, its a daewoo). They replaced the throttle body and my O2sensors...again. Now, less than 6 months later its doing it again, in addition to jerking when driving. When I'm just driving normally it will start jerking - as if I'm tapping on the brake, in a rhythm. It only does it every once and a while, and sometimes it will drive normally.
Today it completely died again. Attempted to start it several times and it would start, but then when switched into drive the engine would shut off - all lights inside still on. When my bf and i attempted to put it into neutral to at least get it out of the middle of the parking lot my stearing wheel locks up. FINALLY we managed to get it started and home... any idea what it could be? Could it have a faulty throttle body or does this sound like a whole other issue?
Any help is appreciated!


[User Picture]From: edgar_suit
2010-05-25 12:49 am (UTC)
1) Stop replacing your oxygen sensors. You're probably wasting money there. They will give signals to the computer and many people (most?) will interpret these signals (O2 Sensor Bank 1, Sensor 1 Indicates Lean Switching) as a bad O2 sensor. The damn thing is just doing its job and people shoot the messenger by replacing it. Now, it's possible, yes, that sensor is going back because there's crap in the exhaust causing it to go bad... but just replacing the sensor will cause that new one to go bad too.

2) As to your problem, yes could be the throttle body but I doubt it. Find a mechanic you trust. =\ Sounds like folks are doing "shotgun repairs" (shoot around randomly) at, I assume, your expense.
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From: hallpearl
2010-12-06 03:52 pm (UTC)

I am not sure but...

I think you also need to change your lower set gasket it might be the same symptom that i experience with my ford f150. If you are already making some shotgun repairs better sell your car that is what i did then buy a second hand car again that gives me LESS headache.
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[User Picture]From: tommy50702
2014-10-31 03:50 pm (UTC)
I have not had the car that long when I encountered the same problem.
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